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Alternative Holistic Healing Practices


Indulge in the healing practices that Tahéima provides, being the sole resort in the region offering these ancient practices to better ones overall wellbeing. Based on the belief that overall health can be attained by an overall balance in a healthy, physical, social and mental state , in concurrence with traditional medical practice to achieve and enjoy the overall physical benefits.

Spirit Healing through Labyrinth Meditation

The path that leads along eleven concentric circles which form a unicircular path that empties into an inner decoration. This signifies the journey in life we take to reach our inner self, in some cultures the method of the labyrinth continues being utilized as a key device to ease true meditation, personal reflection, and prayer.

Chi Gong the Chinese Energetic Healing Philosophy

A tradition accredited to the legendary Chinese “Yellow Emperor”, Chi Gong is a classic Taoist philosophy form of aligning the breath with certain types of martial arts to attain spiritual, mental and bodily health to evoke ones true spiritual development. Through Chi Gong one can discover how to use breathing patterns, sound, concentration and visualization to unleash the flow of energy.

Temazcal the Ancient Mesoamerican Steam Bath

A window to indigenous culture, the Temazcal is a steam lodge, of aromatized vapor very particular to native Mesoamerican cultures.
This practice is performed within a naturally built structure of organic materials; to cleanse the body, purify, ease physical exertion and various ceremonial matters. Temazcal was highly utilized and its revival today in assisting with many health practices as curative and repose. Temazcal’s popularity fervently rising particularly in this region of the world to aid in the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Enlightenment & Healing through Mindful Meditation

A Buddhist belief in origin that has its first traces to the Satipatthana Sutta’s ancient scrolls, guides in how to properly reach a mindfulness state that promotes a calm awareness of inner bodily functions, feelings and consciousness. Mindfulness being utilized more in our current western psychology to alleviate various physical and mental conditions; such as dependencies and abnormal behaviors, focusing the mind to reach a path of liberation through meditation away from the monotony of everyday life.

Health benefits through Tai Chi exercise movements

A martial art in essence developed in the Chinese Empire originally as a combat technique that has developed in current times into a more general form of kinesiology that is very favorable for the overall wellbeing of the body while helping develop personality and meditation. Rapidly losing its combat origins and becoming an ever more popular meditation technique that promotes life energy within the body, encouraging wellness and vitality that can be carried out by the entire family to form physical poetry.


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